Sunday, April 08, 2012

Fair And Balanced: Fox News Orlando Edition

Fox News Orlando ran the headline, "Civil rights group patrolling Sanford." This maybe the first and only time the National Socialist Movement has ever been called a civil rights organization. The NSM was founded by former American Nazi Party member Robert Brannen. The Southern Poverty Law Center has listed the NSM as a hate group. The NSM didn't lose the Nazi uniforms until 2007.

This is what Fox News Orlando calls a civil rights group.

Update: I should note that the National Socialist Movement claims they came to Sanford because they received calls from local citizens concerned for their safety. Don't people usually call the police before an out of state neo nazi group on matters of public safety? The NSM is just exploiting Trayvon Martin's death for publicity.

Another thing that always bothered me about neo nazis is they don't seem to realize Germany lost during WWII. The neo nazi movement didn't work out well for the German people.

Update: Fox News Orlando changed the web page without a correction. Above is a screenshot from the original version.

Update Here is the shocking bad Fox News Orlando video story. There is a problem in media when the media doesn't challenge people that call President Obama a socialist. Yet, calls neo nazis a civil rights group. It truly is sickening.

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