Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hysterical Allen West as VP Movement

To show how unserious the Republican Party is, Sarah Palin and Nikki Haley publicly mention Allen West as Mitt Romney running mate. I often wonder if the GOP is trying to find ways for President Barack Obama to win. What does a one-term black conservative with anger-management issues bring to the ticket? There is no guarantee that West will win a second term in Congress.

Case in point are Reps. Tom Rooney and Allen West. Both of their South Florida districts got about four points more Democratic, which should make life significantly tougher for each of them. Rooney now has a more compact swing seat (the 18th) north of West Palm Beach, while West’s already Democratic-leaning 22nd district just south of Rooney’s became even more Democratic and will be tough for him to hold.

West has been a very outspoken tea party freshman and has raised huge money, but line-drawers don’t appear to have done him many favors. His district, as constructed, would have gone about 43 percent for the last two Republican presidential nominees.

West wouldn't be able to deliver his district in a presidential election. Palin and Haley either don't understand the voting demographics or they are pandering to the shrinking tea party.

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