Saturday, April 07, 2012

George Zimmerman's Shaken Baby Defense

George Zimmerman's attorney Hal Uhrig is using the shaken baby defense.

"We're familiar with the Shaken Baby Syndrome," said Uhrig on the CBS This Morning program. "You shake a baby, the brain shakes around inside the skull. You can die when someone's pounding your head into the ground."

The problem with this defense is that Zimmerman was never treated for any uinjuries after he shot and killed Martin. Uhrig maintains that Zimmerman had a broken nose. Eyewitnesses Mary Cutcher and Selma Lamilla have publicly stated that Zimmerman showed no showed no signs of a broken nose. The leaked police video does not show Zimmerman having a broken nose.

My view is many people aren't going to be shaken or stirred by the shaken baby defense.

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