Saturday, January 14, 2012

Romney Runs From Man In Wheelchair

Mitt Romney is asked by a sick man in a wheelchair, if Romney as president would have patients and doctors arrested for using and prescribing medical marijuana.

"I'm not in favor of medical marijuana," Romney states and quickly rushes away.

Another man asked if Romney will finish answering the wheelchair-bound man's question. Romney said he did, as he tries to escape. Romney did not answer if he would arrest patients for using medical marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Republican Chris Christie had a more rationale approach. Christie allowed the state law allowing patients to be able to use medical marijuana to go forward.

“I have been struggling, as has my administration, to find a way to accomplish what I’ve wanted to accomplish, which is to provide compassionate treatment to people who are suffering in a way that wouldn’t expose them, the operators of our dispensaries or the employees of the state of New Jersey to criminal liability,” Christie said. “That is a lot easier said than done.”

In Christie's defense, New Jersey could face possible federal prosecution for letting doctors prescribe medical marijuana. Christie is correct in that terminally patients should not risk jail time for trying to provide relief from their pain. Romney couldn't even look a man in the eye and say he would prosecute him.

Side note: the video is proof of Romney's strongest liability. Romney has no empathy and cannot connect with people. Obama's ability to look a person in the eye and connect is one of his strongest assets as a politician. Barring an a scandal, Obama is going to slay Romney in the general election. Any conservative blogger who thinks that Romney is a better retail politician than Obama is either in denial or full of shit.

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