Thursday, January 12, 2012

Most Bogus Rick Scott Poll Ever

I looked at the Florida Chamber of Commerce poll showing Mitt Romney at 35 percent with some skepticism. I don't doubt that Romney leads with Florida Republican voters. I do doubt that Romney is polling at 35 percent. The numbers are similar to a Quinnipiac poll. The problem the Florida Chamber of Commerce uses the less than credible Republican polling firm Cherry Communications. You will not find a single Democratic politician or organization on Cherry Communications' list of clients. The fact the the Florida Chamber used this polling firm should tell you about where its loyalties lie.

I then saw Peter Schorsch run this headline.

Shocking! Florida Chamber says its poll shows Governor Scott’s job approval on the rise

The Florida Chamber and Cherry Communications are claiming that Go. Rick Scott has a 48.31% approval rating. I couldn't type that last sentence and keep a straight face. There is a greater chance of the Indianapolis Colts building their team around Curtis Painter than Scott polling near 50 percent.

The Florida Chamber puts out this poll to give Scott the appearance of popularity. The media runs the poll without actually fact-checking the numbers. Which is exactly what The Buzz did. The media needs to properly vet polls. If a polling service has been repeatedly unreliable than news organizations should not mention those polls. Instead, The Buzz treats the Chamber poll as if it is the gospel truth.

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