Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Compassionate Conservatism: Rick Scott & FLA Legislature Edition

Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald politial reporter Mary Ellen Klas has an article implying that Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida legislature are ignoring the problems of foreclosures, homelessness and unemployment. Scott and Republicans haven't ignored the situation. They have worked hard to make the problems worse for working class Floridians.

Scott publicly told the Florida Bar that he wants to make foreclosures faster for banks to process. There have been numerous cases of homeowners illegally foreclosed upon because of fraudulent legal documents. The Florida legislature set up the infamous "rocket docket" courts with judges who do not even read the foreclosure paperwork. In Rick Scott's world, the foreclosure industry is overregulated.

A true patriot, Scott vetoed $12 million for the National Veteran's Homeless Support Group. The funding would have been used to provide housing for veterans. Scott also vetoed $1 million in legal aid funding that goes to help to homeless and victims of domestic violence.

Scott signed into law a cut in unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 20. To receive unemployment, one must submit to a drug test. The drug test part of the law has been struck down by the courts.

The question is exactly whose life is suppose to get better under the bill that Scott has signed into law? Scott gives lip service about caring. Can anyone cite a policy from Scott that has helped Floridians in need?

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