Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jim Johnson on Mitt Romney

My favorite Republican Jim Johnson has returned to blogging. Johnson wrote a post on how the pundits are wrong about Romney's victory in Iowa.

The pundits are theorizing this is bad for Romney. Romney has been polling at 25% for a really long time. And he received 25% of the vote Tuesday night. "No traction" is what a lot of people are saying. The GOP is still searching for the "Anti-Romney."


He held serve.

I will go a step further than Jim.

Romney had no business winning Iowa. The voting in Iowa is propelled by grassroots activists. In 2008, Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee won. The establishment candidates were Hillary Clinton and John Mccain. Clinton and McCain went on to win New Hampshire. Romney had such low expectations for Iowa that he didn't even attend the Iowa Straw Poll. The Iowa is made for a candidate like Rick Perry. That fact that Romney won is a testiment to incompetence of the other Republican candidates. Rick Santorum only did well because he was the last candidate that the tea party flirted with before the primary.

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