Friday, January 13, 2012

Unintentionally Hysterical Sunshine State News Article

Peter Schorsch is on a roll, as far as write blog post headlines are concern. I am still laughing after reading this.

SSN’s Nancy Smith may have the Scoop of the Year: Bob Graham NOT running for Governor!

Schorsch is right to mock Nancy Smith's article.

Despite increasing speculation that Bob Graham is mapping out a run against Rick Scott in 2014, the former U.S. senator and two-term governor emphatically denied he has any further personal interest in the governor's office.

Where is this "increasing speculation" coming from? I haven't heard one person mention Graham's name as a candidate. The source for Smith's article in someone she met a a dinner table. I'm serious.

One political consultant's assistant, eating dinner at a table for eight, said to guests around her, "Bob Graham has been so visible lately. He's been up here (from Miami) more than once and he's always looking for the cameras. He's running, no question about it."

Never mind that Graham hasn't hired potential campaign staffers. Graham looked at a camera. That is all the proof needed that he is running.

Smith makes this sound mysterious.

Brannon Jordan, communications director for the Democratic Party of Florida, did not return phone or email requests to confirm or deny the possibility of a Bob Graham candidacy.

The Florida Democratic Party does not talk to the Sunshine State News. There is some bad blood there. But that is another story. What probably happened is Jordan had to put down the phone because he was laughing so hard.

I look forward to Smith writing an article on how the Florida Democratic Party is going to hire a necromancer to bring Lawton Chiles back from the dead, so he can run in 2014.

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