Thursday, January 12, 2012

Newt's Attack Ad on Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich is willing to destroy his party's chances of winning re-election just to get payback for the attack ads Mitt Romney ran in Iowa. Gingrich's ad uses Romney's infamous Ted Kennedy debate quote of being against Ronald Reagan. The ad even shows Romney speaking French. Republicans have long had a strange fixation with being anti-French. The ad is devastating.

Barring a scandal, Romney is going to win the nomination because his opponents are too incompetent to win. The time to attack Romney's venture capitalist background and flip-flopping was several months before Iowa. Romney's opponents misread the 2012 election cycle and kept trying to please the dying tea party. Gingrich and Rick Perry are now making attacks against Romney that wouldn't sound out of place at an Occupy Wall Street rally. These guys didn't figure out that populism wins elections until after they lost Iowa and New Hampshire.

Romney is forced to reflexively double down on his one percent rhetoric. We have already being seeing examples of this. Romney cannot become Woody Guthrie because he has no understanding of what a life without priviledge feels like. Romney's idea of empathy was telling voters in Tampa that he is unemployed.

"I should tell you my story. I'm also unemployed."

Part of Romney's story is he is worth $200 million and isn't working because he is financially stable. Romney is a man who think it is a good idea to take a picture with his friend holding cash. There is also the image of Romney getting a shoe shine that is spreading across the internet. It is as if Romney is intentionally trying to make himself into the real life version of Gordon Gekko.

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