Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mitt the Ripper Ad

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have had great fun pointing out the legal loopholes set up for Super PACs. Colbert's Super PAC released an attack parody that compared Mitt Romney to a serial killer. The attacks in ads are often over the top. Colbert and Stewart. What is funny about this ad is it would not be surprising if a Republican opponent of Romney's did compare him to Jack the Ripper. I'm surprised that Newt Gingrich hasn't thought of it first.

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At January 17, 2012 8:43 PM , Blogger Sandy Oestreich said...

Since I am the one spearheading pro bono the ERA bills before the Florida legislature, I wonder if you saw my comment about your July ERA posting


At January 17, 2012 10:09 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

Sandy, if you have something you wish to discuss about the ERA the best thing for you to do is email me. My email address is on the right side of the blog.

At January 18, 2012 1:42 AM , Blogger Sandy Oestreich said...

No email "to the right of my blog", sorry.

Did you go back to your previous ERA bill article to see how I ans. yr question about what possible excuses the Tallahassee good ol boys have for not hearing my bills for the past twelve ! years ! in the House. It's all about Big Business wanting to avoid paying male-female equal wages for the same job. As it stands in FL, women here are paid an average of only 72% of a man's wage, same job. It's 80% across the nation. You the taxpayer have to right that wrong when 1 of 7 elderly women wind up in poverty because pensions and Social Security are totally inadequate. When I spoke before the legislators a year ago, I told them just that...they blanched. Was it Shame or something else?

All nations since WWII already have ERA language. GWBush made sure that our servicewomen and men "enshrined womens' rights there" tho they went home without ERA themselves!

I think next year, when we give those 67 speeches before them all over FL, I think I'll confront them this time with they are denying even their female legislative comrades sitting on the dais with them are left out of the Nation's contract with its People--and how dare they continue this travesty year in, year out!

12 years and my 300 000 members are getting restive, male and female alike. We've "only" been without full personhood (tho corporations and fetuses do have it) since time began.

If this does not bore you, you are invited to 2PassERA.org for the real deal on USA's ERA that's always been TBA.

Best, sandyo
Prof Emerita
Nurse Practitioner
Co-author 1000 pg. internationally distributed pharmacology reference text
Founder-Pres., Equal Rights Alliance Inc --ERA

I have a google blog, too. Possible you could help me access it again now?

At January 18, 2012 1:03 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

Sandy, my email address is Sullivan40atgmail.com. The email address is on the right hand side of the blog homepage.


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