Thursday, January 19, 2012

Joel Award: Rush Limbaugh

It is time to give out the Joel Award. The award goes to any celebrity, pundit, blogger or politician that purposely contradicts himself or herself.

Rush Limbaugh apparently has become a supporter of sexually open marriages.

LIMBAUGH: I got a great note from a friend of mine. "So Newt wanted an open marriage. BFD. At least he asked his wife for permission instead of cheating on her. That's the mark of character, in my book. Newt's the victim. We all are. Ours is the horniest generation."

Actually, Newt Gingrich did cheat on his previous wife. Gingrich ended end marrying his mistress Callista. That hardly qualifies Newt as a victim.

Rush is paid to be a Reopublican spokesman. In the past Limbaugh has publicly trashed feminists and gays. Limbaugh made his career out of mocking Bill Clinton's sexual affairs. However, if it is a Republican, Limbaugh suddenly becomes a fan of the swinger lifestyle. Limbaugh earns himself a Joel Award for this hysterical piece of hypocrisy.

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