Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rick Scott Makes 8 Worst Governors List

Alternet released its list of the eight worst governors in America. As a Floridian, I am proud to say Rick Scott made the list.

1. He rejected $2.4 billion in stimulus money to build a high-speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando.

2. He wants to slash $4 billion in spending while cutting taxes for millionaires.

3. He tried to use state funds to build golf courses in state parks while cutting education by 10 percent and corporate taxes by 5 percent.

4. He's requiring 600,000 government workers (including police officers, teachers, firefighters, judges, and retirees) to contribute 5 percent to their retirement.

5. He just lopped off $2,300 a year in teacher salary to give massive tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy.

He's also not a fan of black people. He proposed eliminating state support for two HBCUs (Historically black colleges and universities). He's shutting down a state agency that assists minority businesses, and he refuses to appoint an African American to any significant position in his administration.

Several employees of Solantic have accused Scott of practicing racism, in his hiring practices. Scott ran the blatantly racist ad titled "Obama's Mosque." President Obama does not own a mosque or worship the Islamic faith. A person wouldn't know that from watching Scott's campaign ad. Scott implied that anyone that worshipped the Islamic faith supported terrorism. Scott offended the black caucus by saying they all grew up in the projects with uneducation parents.

"I grew up probably in the same situation as you guys," Scott said to the group of 20 Democrats. "I started school in public housing. My dad had a sixth-grade education."

Scott's pathetic attempt at empathy came off as insensitive, as Fuzzy Zoeller's infamous "fried chicken" comment.

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