Monday, March 28, 2011

What Eviction Looks Like

Bob Norman interviews Scarlett Rabalais. She chained herself to a poll after she was evicted from her motel. Rabalais is the owner of Ask Me Inn on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

All of that is gone now. Rabalais this morning was sitting on the side of her property by the sidewalk, chained to a power pole support wire. She and her motel guests were being evicted by Landmark Bank after it foreclosed on her, leaving her hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

​Rabalais -- who held a sign with the words "Landmark Bank Is a Liar" -- says the bank not only refused to work with her but also manipulated her into losing the property. I've left a message for comment from Landmark Bank Vice President Peyton LaCaria that has yet to be returned.

Out of her complicated legal battles, Rabalais owes Landmark Bank $950,000. This is depressing and happening across Florida.

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