Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet the New Boss & the Rising Dem Strategist Star

Bob Buckhorn and unoffical campaign manager Siobhan Harley ran a brilliant and muck free campaign. Buckhorn is going to have a massive influence on the entire Tampa Bay area, as the City of Tampa Mayor. Buckhorn has proposed the smartest policies I have heard from a Tampa area candidate. Buckhorn's proposals turned me from a cynic into a supporter of his candidacy.

Harley is an oppimistic progressive. If the Florida Democratic Party is smart they would recruit Harley to run as a candidate, after she graduates from college. The young lady has energy and charisma. Two things that are in short supply from Florida Democratic candidates.

I look forward to seeing Buckhorn and Harley reshaping Tampa politics and policy.

Update: Benjamin Kirby shares his thoughts on Harley.

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