Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ray Sansom: Man of Values Part II

I wrote a post called "Ray Sansom: Man of Values." I noted that Sansom's professed religious values didn't match his actions. The charges against Sansom have been dropped. Sansom immediately lays it on thick with his Christian spiel.

"God has sustained us," Sansom said after the case was dismissed. "We held strong with his grace."

Perhaps Sansom can explain how inserting a secret earmark to get a $110,000-a-year job was following the gospel. In return for the job, Samson gave Northwest Florida State College $750,000 in start up funds. Jay Odom, a longtime campaign contributor to Sansom, got a remodeled hanger.
Sansom did another secret earmark to Xe Services, formerly known as Blackwater. The legislation would allow Xe to run privatized prisons in Florida. Fortunately, the legislation died.

The job Sansom received was was no-bid. Former Northwest Florida State College president Bob Richburg kept the meeting closed to the public. Richburg did not hold the meeting at NWFSC, instead at Florida State University. Florida Sunshine laws requires that the meeting for job opening, involving anelected official, have the minutes recorded. Richburg waited ten mouths to post the minutes.

Sansom spent $173,000 of the nonprofit Republican Party of Florida money, on lavish meals and tuxedo rentals. Sansom's crwedit card spending spree hardly follows the Christ parable of the Good Sararitan. Especial when Sansom his not spending someone else's money.

In my two years of covering Sansom, I haven't seen him do one thing that wasn't too his personnal benefit. Sansom's faith is no different than Jimmy Swagart or Jim Bakker professing a love of Jesus after publicly being caught in a scandal. If Sansom wants to make me believe he is a Christian then he can start by professing his ethical lapses. I doubt Sansom's values are strong enough for that kind of candor.

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