Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scott Powers Trapped in the Closet

The member of Joe Biden's who had Orlando Sentinel political reporter Scott Powers wait in a closet should be fired. The Biden staffer did not want Powers to mingle with the donors at a Bill Nelson fundraiser. The Biden staffer's over-zealousness into a PR disaster for Biden. To add insult to injury, Powers is scheduled to appear on Good Morning America to speak about the closet incident.

Gov. Rick Scott chased off the media from a Lincoln Day Dinner. Powers was selected as the pool reporter for the Nelson fundraiser. Translation: a pool reporter is the only media member selected for an elected. Both these actions are the result of Scott and Biden staffers not wanting the media record their bosses kissing the asses of powerful political contributors. Elected leaders are terrified that the Americans will realize both major parties do not govern for the needs of the America people. What these out of touch pols fail to understand is that people are already clued in.

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