Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blog for Choice Day

Blog For Choice was yesterday. I thought I post my old abortion articles.

New Dumbass of the Day Winner

Pay Attention Huckabee's Ethics and Not His Likability

Mitt's Abortion Flip Flops

Stupid Anti-Abortion Ballot Measure

Olga Reyes Victim of Nicaraguan Anti-Abortion Policy


Mitt Romney vs Mitt Romney

Maternal Mortality and Abortion

Who Is Karen Malec

Nicaragua's Dangerous Anti-Abortion Law

Support Choice

USF Progressives

Partial Birth Abortion Banned

Meet Rebecca Porter

Ronda Storms Strikes Again

Senator Storm's Latest Bluster Threatens Florida's Girls And Health Care Providers (Litbrit post)

Just How Bad Is SB 2546

South Dakota Rejects Abortion Ban

Terrorism Does Not Equal Abortion Rights

Blog For Choice: Late Term Abortions



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