Thursday, September 14, 2006

Terrorism Does Not Equal Abortion Rights

This is what happens when people are blinded by their own personal ideology.

Planned Parenthood was doing the same accursed thing on 9/11 that the terrorists were doing: Killing innocent people. And just like the terrorists, they’re proud of themselves and consider each death to be something to celebrate. But the terrorists are at least honest enough to admit that they’re killing, and they identify their victims as enemies. PP plays semantic games and dresses up their killing in pretty words about “freedom” and “choice.”

When your idea of freedom is “I get to kill children with impunity” you’ve joined the ranks of evil. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is and it’s asinine to pretend otherwise.

I woman deciding she does not want to carry a child in her body is a personal choice. The government should not have ownership over a woman's uterus. I would like to see abortions go down. Anti-abortionists fight birth control and sex education. I have no problem with a teen practicing abstinence. I am also realistic enough to know not everyone is going to grow up to be the 40 year-old virgin. And I would certainly hope not.

I disagreed with Amanda Marcotte making this statement.

Projection, pure and simple. The majority of individual acts of terrorism in this country are aimed at reproductive health providers. Shooting at doctors, bombing clinics, running your car into a clinic—these are acts of terrorism by the dictionary definition of what it is, which is strikes against civilian targets in an attempt to intimidate.

And workaday anti-choicers are complicit. Apparently, the more that a clinic is picketed, the more likely it is to become a target of a terrorist act.

Amanda's anger can be explained by a nutjob who tried to blow up an abortion clinic. You can read her post on the subject.

My problem is when commenters generalize people who support a position with terrorists. It's a lame argument. Not all people for against abortion have sworn allegiance to Al Qaeda. I blame the current administration and the cable news talking heads for making political discourse so toxic.

Democrats, remember that Harry Reid is anti-abortion. He is also the best leader we've had in the Senate. Conservative readers will cringe at that. Like Tom "Can't Keep My Seat" Daschle was doing such a great job. Reid killed Bush's awful Social Security plan and has made it difficult for Republicans to get anything done this year. This makes me very happy.


At September 15, 2006 9:28 AM , Blogger Sine.Qua.Non said... a minor point, apparently I am a terrorist in the eyes of GWBush because I am a member of the ACLU and Greenpeace, among others. So, maybe Amanda isn't all wrong.

At September 15, 2006 9:30 AM , Blogger Sine.Qua.Non said...

Besides the point that a some *.mil has tried repeatedly to gain access to my computer....I'm not sure if they have been successful or not but, lately they have had a strike force out trying to get in. It's beginning to really piss me off.


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