Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stupid Anti-Abortion Ballot Measure

Amanda Marcotte is making a somewhat slippery slope argument. I agree with her that he anti-abortion movement is batshit crazy. The statement that women can be convicted because fertilized egg was in their peroid is a faulty legal argument. Who would know a woman flushed the egg out of her system? A woman can't be convicted of killing a person she can't see or knows exist. That is why the Colorado ballot to declare fertilized eggs living people is silly.

The Colorado Supreme Court cleared the way Tuesday for an anti-abortion group to collect signatures for a ballot measure that would define a fertilized egg as a person.

The court approved the language of the proposal, rejecting a challenge from abortion-rights supporters who argued it was misleading and dealt with more than one subject in violation of the state constitution.

If approved by voters, the measure would give fertilized eggs the state constitutional protections of inalienable rights, justice and due process.

Colorado for Equal Rights needs 76,000 signatures to get on the ballot. My advise is don't sign this piece of legal nonsense.

My fear (which is not a slippery slope argument) is that doctors will fear performing abortions during ectopic pregnancies.

Ectopic means "out of place." In an ectopic pregnancy, a fertilized egg has implanted outside the uterus. The egg settles in the fallopian tubes more than 95% of the time. This is why ectopic pregnancies are commonly called "tubal pregnancies." The egg can also implant in the ovary, abdomen, or the cervix, so you may see these referred to as cervical or abdominal pregnancies.

None of these areas has as much space or nurturing tissue as a uterus for a pregnancy to develop. As the fetus grows, it will eventually burst the organ that contains it. This can cause severe bleeding and endanger the mother's life. A classical ectopic pregnancy never develops into a live birth.

Nicaragua's anti-abortion policy has killed women with ectopic pregnancies. If anti-abortionists were too eliminate all abortions, the public would rally against their policies as with South Dakota and Terri Schiavo. Women would tragicly die in the short term.

The anti-abortion movement has been an uttter failure. They had a Republican executive branch, congress and Supreme Court. The leadership they supoported did not have the political courage to outlaw abortion. Republicans know the political consequences would hurt their party for a decade. It is much easier for the GOP to pay lip service to Christian fundamentalists that have no other party to turn to. Meet the old Christian Right con. Same as the old con.

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At June 02, 2008 12:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

totally nuts! i hope it doesn't pass, but unfortunately there are many fundie churches in CO, esp CO Springs. can't they find something more positive to do with their time?


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