Monday, December 03, 2007

Pay Attention Huckabee's Ethics and Not His Likability

Progressives such as Ezra Klein fawn over how likable Mike Huckabee is. What progressives fail to mention is that Huckabee attempted to prevent Medicaid from funding an abortion on a raped teenager. The young woman was raped by her stepfather. Huckabee violated Arkansas law by blocking the abortion. State law requires funding for abortions in cases of incest.

There is the matter of Huckabee's blatant corruption as Governor. During their final days in the Governor's mansion: Huckabee and wife Janet set up a wedding gift registry. The couple have been married for years. Arkansas law prohibited Huckabee from receiving gifts worth over $100.00. Huckabee used to wedding registry to skirt the law. He came out like a bandit.

Gifts requested at Dillard’s for Janet and Mike Huckabee include a 24-place set of Lenox “holiday” china (pictured) and stemware (from $14 to $40 a piece), Biddeford bed linens (king and queen bed skirts from $89 to $99), an oval pot rack ($60), an asparagus pot ($30), a Kitchen Aid mixer ($300) and a Jack LaLanne power juicer ($100).

The Jack LaLanne juicer is also on the Target list, along with a Kitchen Essentials 12-piece cookware set ($250) and cookie sheet ($20), Fieldcrest bed linens (from $30 to $144), rugs (from $25 to $150), and table linens, potholders and kitchen towels (from $2 to $13) and more.

Huckabee has been reprimanded by the Arkansas Ethics Commission five times.

* $43,150 from his 1994 lieutenant governor's campaign for use of his personal airplane,
* $14,000 Janet Huckabee received from his 1992 U.S. Senate campaign, and
* $23,500 from a tax-exempt organization he incorporated with others in 1994, but whose funding source isn't known. The Action America organization, Huckabee said, was set up to coordinate parts of his private-sector speaking schedule during his three years as lieutenant governor.

Huckabee used tax dollars for personal meals. He also attempted to claim $70,000 worth of Governor's mansion furniture as his own. Unfortunately, all people seem to care about is the Chuck Norris ad.

Update: here.

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At December 04, 2007 8:27 PM , Anonymous Web said...

The wedding gift registry is old, wrong news. The Huckabees' friends gave a housewarming party and, back then, the stores had no registry category for housewarmings ~ the closest category was wedding registry ~ oooooo, imagine the scandal had the friends chosen baby shower category! Let's remember whose stomping ground Arkansas is ~ HillBilly ~ and find out the truth about any of these legends...


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