Monday, September 10, 2007

Progressives Tired of Bill Nelson

The comments at the Florida Progressive Coalition blog shows the state's progressive activists turning on Bill Nelson. They are angry about Nelson's grandstanding over the fight between the Florida Democratic Party and the DNC over the January 29th primary date.

Susan S

By repeating that voters are being “disenfranchised” we will further depress turnout. That’s what pissed me off about the Nelson letter.

Mike Huss (on relation to me)

I forgot to mention the article that was deamonizing Howard Dean was based of of comments from Senator Nelson, great job on trying to score youself some points at the cost our parties dignity.


Good old Bill !! I don’t think anyone’s much listening to him anymore.

Dean was right from the beginning but rubio had to have his way …
OH ! I thought it was rubio who pushed this and then right away dean jumped down on it ….
Yes, and someone should tell bill nelson to start acting more like a democrat.

There is not much love in the room for Bill Nelson. Can Nelson's ability to never fail to fail be counted as an achievement?

Eddie Schwieterman is still trying to find a compromise solution. To be young and not have your fucking heart ripped out 178 times by the Democratic Party. I'm still recovering from Michael Dukakis.

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