Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tom Delay Doesn't Get It

The Value Voters have wrote their own Bill of Rights. This is bizarre beyond words.

For some decades now supposedly “liberal” and “progressive” forces within our society have waged an insidious campaign to corrupt and destroy the moral foundations of our liberty. Under the compassionate guise of government welfare and social programs they have eroded our fortitude and self-discipline, taxed away our independent resources, and in particular undermined the centrality of family as the locus of individual self-reliance. Under the guise of sexual freedom and self-determination they have corrupted our sense of responsibility for our own offspring in the womb and for our biological relationships in general. This ultimately affects all relationships that draw upon the capacity for self-sacrifice we ought naturally to learn and practice in the context of decent family life. Under the guise of scientific knowledge, and a fallacious separation of religion from public life,

This Bill of Rights is being unveiled at the the War on Christians Conference. Speakers include Tom Delay, Sam Brownback and Gary Bauer.

In related news: Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg have warned Congress not to use over-the-top rhetoric when they disagree with Supreme Court rulings. Ginsburg said such speech "fuel the irrational fringe."

Delay, at the WOCC, said, "There's still a problem, they don't get it. There are three branches of government. All wisdom doesn't reside in ... people in black robes."

Let's flashblack in time.

"The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior," said Tom DeLay, the Republican leader who moved the Florida case to the federal arena.

I don't get how a patriot blames minorities for not being able to serve in Vietnam.

I don't get how a self-professed follower of Christ could live like a King off the money of an indicted lobbyist.

I don't get how a man can use a children's charity (DeLay Foundation for Kids) to raise $100,000 for his defense fund and still call himself a Christian.


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