Monday, March 27, 2006

Intimidation Against Ion Sancho

The Washington Post has a good rundown of the resistance Leon County elections supervisor Ion Sancho is facing. Sancho tested Diebold machines and found them to be hackable.

a). Three state-approved voting machine vendors refuse to sell machines to Sancho.

b). Sancho was forced to return a $564,000 he intended to use to buy new machines.

Sancho is stuck with use Diebold or else. Diebold told Sancho:

"While we welcome authorized testing and examination of our products by qualified professionals," Diebold attorney Michael E. Lindroos wrote Sancho last year, "actions such as yours only serve to undermine the public's confidence in the security and accuracy that good systems can provide when used with the proper procedures and by authorized personnel."

Short answer: no more of those pesky tests.

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