Friday, March 24, 2006

Ben Domenech Resigns

The Washington Post got burned from hiring conservative hack Ben Domenech. The founder of quit because of allegations of plagiarism. Jim Brady of WaPo writes, "An investigation into these allegations was ongoing."


Domenech's last post is him clarifying the idiotic things he said at He attempts to defend calling Coretta Scott King a communist. Personally, I see that as the usual conservative tactic of questioning the patriotism of enemies. McCarthyism is still alive with these people.

Domenech then goes on to defend his statements about the book Freakonomics. "(Richard John) Neuhaus, one of the most outspoken, respected and influential pro-life intellectuals in America, finds this logic as morally disgusting as I do," Domenech writes. "He is putting this logic in its bluntest terms to show the full degree of its inhumanity." Bill Bennett went on this same bizarre tangent. The question is why are so-called Christian pro-lifers always talking about how aborting black babies would reduce crime? The answer is fairly obvious.


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