Friday, March 10, 2006

Fight For Your Right To Vote

OpEdNews has advice on how you can help Ion Sancho. Contact Florida government officials and let them know you support Sancho.

Florida Commission on Ethics
(850) 488-3077 fax
(850) 488-7864 tel

Florida Elections Commission- this is an important one!!
(850) 922-4539

Leon County Commissioners: (defended Mr. Sancho- please thank him)

Roxanne Cooper had posts here and here about how supporting political causes is more than just a couple blog posts. We're talking about activism. Which takes time, work and money. The status quo doesn't change if the status quo is still in place.

The myth about all candidates being the same is not true. The incompetence of George W. Bush's corrupt administration is proof. The administration isn't going to change ethics in Washington. Corruption is how these people stay in business. Rick Santorum is a perfect example. He is using charities as a front to funnel money. Isn't it obvious why Republicans put Santorum in charge of ethics reforms?

Apathy is what Republicans want. People paying attention and having an understanding of policy scares these people.


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