Sunday, July 27, 2014

Louie Gohmert Is Too Crazy For Government

Rep. Louie Gohmert is batshit crazy. Gohmert is advocating for starting war with Iran. Gohmert's reason is the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

“It is time to bomb Iran’s nuclear capabilities,” Gohmert concluded. “It is time for the United States, if we are not going to stop Iran’s nukes, then let Israel do it. A friend will not put another friend in this kind of jeopardy.”

Gohmert is conflating the Gaza conflict with Iran's nuclear program. Raw Story reports that Iran is complying with the International Atomic Energy Agency agreement.

As agreed under a so-called Joint Plan of Action reached in November, the Islamic Republic has cut half of its stock of 20-percent enriched uranium down to five-percent purity.

The rest was being converted into uranium oxide.

Tehran also refrained from enriching above the five-percent level at any of its nuclear facilities, the IAEA report said.

Gohmert has no idea about the current state of Iran's nuclear program. Yet, Gohmert is advocating for war with Iran. People look at Gohmert as a clown and mock him. I find the man's stupidity to be scary and dangerous.

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