Friday, July 25, 2014

Alan Hays Hearts Dinesh D'Souza Movie

Florida State Sen. Alan Hays is drafting a one page bill making it mandatory for all high school and middle school students to watch the Dinesh D’Souza movie America.

“I saw the movie and walked out of the theater and said, ‘Wow, our students need to see this.’ And it’s my plan to show it to my colleagues in the legislature, too, before they’re asked to vote on the bill,” Hays said.

America bashes liberals and has numerous factual problems. The review by The Wrap is hysterical.
The deceptive evidence and straw-man arguments of this conservative “filmmaker” would go down easier if the actual filmmaking wasn't so inept.

Using D'Souza's movie in schools for education purposes in a horrible idea. D'Souza blamed the teaching of science for the Virginia Tech shootings. D'Souza is also convicted felon. D'Souza's film is less about education and more about promoting his contempt for the Left.

I have no doubt that Hays's bill will likely pass.

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