Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jeb Bush At Odds With GOP On Immigration

I agree with Tengrain on Jeb Bush not running for President in 2016.

The best antidote to illegal immigration is a functioning system of legal immigration… Now is the time for House Republicans to demonstrate leadership on this issue. Congress should not use the present crisis as an excuse to defer comprehensive immigration reform.…we have too often seen what happens when the president oversteps his constitutional authority. Avoiding similar disastrous results will require legislative action by both parties.

Hell will freeze over before Republicans in the House "demonstrate leadership" on immigration reform. House Speaker John Boehner has blamed President Barack Obama for the fact that the House has not voted on immigration reform.

“We’re at a point where my colleagues don’t trust that the president will implement the law the way we would see it passed,” Boehner said at an event hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in San Antonio. “So I’ve put the ball back in the president’s court. He’s going to have to do something to demonstrate some level of trustworthiness.”

Memo to John Boehner: Obama does not run the House of Representatives. You do.

Sen. Marco Rubio released a statement supporting sending new illegal immigrants back to their home countries faster.

“Today I reiterated with our Central American counterparts that it is they who must build a better future at home for their people, with the U.S. as a supportive partner. In light of the recent surge in unlawful border crossings, they owe it to their people to make clear that these dangerous journeys to the U.S. they’ve undertaken are not worth risking their lives for since they will inevitably lead them back to where they started.

Sen. Ted Cruz is proposing withholding funding from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. All this would do is leave undocumented children in legal limbo for a lonfer period of time. Rubio and Cruz are grandstanding to secure the support of the tea party debate. The majority of the GOP establishment doesn't share Jeb Bush's desire to move forward on immigration reform.

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