Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rick Scott Hates Answering Questions About Gay Marriage

The Miami Herald political reporting staff has been hounding Gov. Rick Scott on his position on gay marriage. Circuit Judge Luis Garcia has declared that the Florida ban on gay marriage violates the equal protection clause in the United States Constitution.

Political reporters across the state have been trying to get a straight answer from Scott on various subjects. Scott is a talking points machine that panics when he goes off script. Scott's refusal to answer questions have made national news. Scott's canned response was hysterically feautured on The Rachel Maddow Show.

Scott gave a sort of answer to The Miami Herald on gay marriage. Basically, Scott doesn't support gay marriage being legal in Florida.

Q: “Gay rights groups say that the marriage ban discriminates against them but proponents of the ban say that judges are now discriminating against their votes. You have said you are against discrimination. Which kind of discrimination are you against?”

A: “First off, as we know in 2008 the voters of the state decided that marriage would be between man and a woman, traditional marriage. It's gone to the courts. The courts will end up deciding. The Attorney General is doing her job. She is appealing it which is her job to defend the Constitution. In my case I believe in traditional marriage. Also I don’t want anybody discriminated against. We will see what the courts do.”

Q: “How did you vote in 08 on that?”

(Scott’s response was so quiet I couldn’t hear him.)

Q: “What?”

A: “I would have voted for the traditional marriage.”

Scott whispered when attempting to give a canned response answer. Scott is a disaster with the media. The more serious matter is Floridians have a right to know where Scott stands on policy matters. What Scott fears is if people actually knew he was a crony capitalist they wouldn't vote for him.

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