Monday, July 21, 2014

Fundraising Numbers For Florida District 10

According to, Daniel Webster is killing his opponents in fundraising.

Daniel Webster (R)

Raised: $749,091

Spent: $444,010

Shayan Modarres (D)

Raised: $63,716

Spent: $38,532

Bill Ferree (D)

Raised: $34,955

Spent: $31,756

Modarres is an attorney and has worked as a community access. From the bio from the Modarres For Congress website.

Last summer, I co-organized a peaceful rally which gathered over 2,000 demonstrators in downtown Orlando protesting mandatory minimum laws, disproportionate sentencing of minorities, and racial disparity in the Florida criminal justice system. Looking out at the large gathering of people, coming together without regard to race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation, it was evident that the residents of central Florida were determined to stand up and make a real change.

Although fighting against injustice as a practicing attorney is deeply gratifying, the opportunity to draft and support fair laws to affect even greater change is more appealing. That’s why I’m running for congress.

Modarres' stance on the Israeli and Palestinian conflict scares the daylights out of the current Democratic establishment. You can count on Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on not supporting the Modarres campaign.

Ferree is a military veteran and a former pilot for Delta Airlines. Ferree is an environmental activist. Ferree is the author of the book "Empty Tank Empty Wallet: For those Who Don't Own an Oil Well." Ferree advocates for a move away from fossil fuel. Ferree is one of the co-founders of WattNext, Inc. From the WattNext website.

The 20th century's incredibly beneficial but ultimately destructive energy source—fossil fuels—will eventually be replaced by clean and abundant energy from the sun. Delivered as electricity, it will serve any need, including transportation. The "smart grid" will enable the collection, storage, distribution and use for the greatest utility and economy.

WattNext is creating the infrastructure that connects solar power, electric vehicles, and the "smart grid". Let us coach you and help design and build your smart investment.

Originally named Sunwise Power Systems, WattNext was incorporated in 2009. It is the first for-profit spinout company from the non-profit environmental technology business incubator, RubeLab, Inc. All WattNext principals are current RubeLab members.

The WattTree is the commercial version of the RubeStation, an electric vehicle charging station prototype, developed and built by RubeLab and donated to the City of Eustis. The RubeStation is located on Fountain Green in downtown Eustis, Florida.
District 10 as two solid progressive candidates. Unfortunately, they are going against an incumbent a longtime member of the Florida Republican establishment.

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