Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Epic Smackdown of Kentucky's Gay Marriage Ban

US district judge John Heyburn wrote an epic smackdown in his decision against Kentucky's gay marriage ban. Heyburn calls out the stupidity of the state of Gov. Steve Beshear's arguments and states the only logical conclusion is the state wishes to discriminate against gay people.

"These arguments are not those of serious people. Though it seems almost unnecessary to explain, here are the reasons why.

Even assuming the state has a legitimate interest in promoting procreation, the Court fails to see, and Defendant never explains, how the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage has any effect whatsoever on procreation among heterosexual spouses. Excluding same-sex couples from marriage does not change the number of heterosexual couples who choose to get married, the number who choose to have children, or the number of children they have.

The state's attempts to connect the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage to its interest in economic stability and in 'ensuring humanity's continued existence' are at best illogical and even bewildering…The Court can think of no other conceivable legitimate reason for Kentucky's laws excluding same-sex couples from marriage."

Beshear contends marriage is only for making babies. How romantic.

Even if Baker were not preclusive, Plaintiffs’ equal protection claims fail. Same-sex couples are materially different from traditional man-woman couples. Only man-woman couples can naturally procreate. Fostering procreation serves a legitimate economic interest that is rationally related to the traditional man-woman marriage model. Thus, same-sex couples are not similarly situated to man-woman couples, and the distinction drawn by Kentucky’s statutes is rationally related to a legitimate interest of Kentucky.

Is Kentucky the American version of China and now has made the procreation of its citizens public policy? That is a scary thought. As Judge Heyburn noted, the state of Kentucky failed to provide any evidence that gay marriage would effect birth rates. The reason is that there is no evidence. Straight people aren't going to stop fucking and having babies if gat people wed. The argument by Beshear is pure bullshit.

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