Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Conservative Talk Radio Wants Cochran To Lose

Sean Hannity would rather lose a Republican Senate seat than have Thad Cochran get re-elected. Conservative talk radio continues its self-destructive tendencies.

“If I was in Mississippi I would not and could not in good conscience vote for Thad Cochran after the way this campaign was run,” he said. “And I know many of you are gonna say, ‘but Hannity, that means we put the seat at risk for a Democrat.’”

“Well what is Thad Cochran?” he asked. “He ran as a Democrat. He ran as somebody who hates the Tea Party. He ran as somebody who hates conservatives.”

Hannity went on to claim that the Cochran campaign used "despicable" tactics in courting black Democratic voters. What Hannity conveniently forgets to tell his audience is that it was an open primary. Cochran could not go to the Right of tea party darling Chris McDaniel. Cochran is not the bleeding heat liberal Hannity described in his radio segment. Cochran needed to expand his voting base. Cochran campaigned in black neighborhoods and bought ads in black newspapers. Cochran's goal was to make black people scared of Chris McDaniel. Mission Accomplished.

A side effect of the McDaniel loss is that the tea party crowd is really pissed off. These people are professional sore losers. Rush Limbaugh called black Democratic voters "Uncle Toms For Thad." Limbaugh loves to use offensive racist code words. What is funny is Limbaugh admits that Cochran has never done anything for black voters in Mississippi. News flash to Rush: black people of Mississippi are aware of that. Black voters viewed the primary as the best chance to keep Chris McDaniel out of the Senate.

In his anger, Glenn Beck told the truth about Cochran's previous lack of interest in his black constituents.

BECK: I have a question for every black Democrat in Mississippi: What the hell has this 90-year-old fart -- a white Republican, the same white Republican that for years the Democrats have been telling you are nothing but old racists -- you tell me exactly what Thad Cochran did for you.

For the curious: here are some civil rights votes by Cochran.

Voted YES on ending special funding for minority & women-owned business.

Voted NO on setting aside 10% of highway funds for minorities & women.

Voted NO on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation.

Rated 0% by the ACLU, indicating an anti-civil rights voting record.

Cochran may have not even seen a black voter until the last two week. McDaniel is still scarier to black voters. McDaniel retweeted a post by a white supremacist. McDaniel gave a speech to the Sons of Confederate Veteran. The group is a Neo-Confederate and pro-secessionist movement. These crazy people want to split from the United States. This isn't a mystery why black voters turned out for Cochran.

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