Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SICU Endorses Amendment 2

The Service Employees International Union of Florida has endorsed Amendment 2. If approved the amendment would make prescribed medical marijuana legal in Florida.
“Amendment 2 is about compassion for patients suffering from debilitating conditions, and that is something our members are proud to stand behind,” said Baker. “Seriously ill patients should not have to expose themselves to prosecution for seeking to obtain the medicine they need to relieve their symptoms, and no physician should have to put their freedom or their license at risk for recommending the use of that medicine.”

Denise Glass, RN, a nurse in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami with a career spanning 23 years, also believes the decision to endorse Amendment 2 represents a major step forward for patients’ rights in Florida.

“Expanding the medical options available to patients will positively affect their lives,” said Glass. “Too many people are suffering needlessly because they don’t have legal access to a substance that can alleviate their severe symptoms and offer them a better quality of life. Voting “yes” on Amendment 2 is the right thing to do.”

A recent poll by Cherry Communications found that 58 percent of respondents supported the legalization of medical marijuana.

Public Policy Polling found 66 percent support for Amendment 2. 60 percent of the vote is needed for the amendment to become law.

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