Thursday, June 19, 2014

News Station Turns Down Rick Scott Interview

A sure sign a candidate is in trouble is when he or she is scared of the media. Scott Maxwell reports that Rick Scott is placing demands on how the media conducts interviews. These are the kind of demands that Hollywood stars place on the entertainment media. Short answer: Scott will only do fluff piece interviews.

Thanks, but no thanks. Gov. Rick Scott is well known for dodging tough questions. So he has apparently adopted a new media strategy: demand that journalists not ask them. News 13 anchor Ybeth Bruzual recently told viewers that her station had refused to do an interview with Scott after the governor's campaign demanded to choose the interviewer — and the interview topic. Specifically, Bruzual said the governor was only willing to talk about his "Hispanic outreach" efforts. Everything else — from Scott's record-setting budget to scandal among his appointees at the expressway authority — was off-limits. Hmm. I can see why News 13 declined. The kind of airtime Scott wanted isn't called an interview. It's called an ad.

The Florida Democratic establishment can drag Scott polls numbers down if they mount a good attack. Scott isn't suddenly become Bill Clinton and turn his poll numbers around.

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