Thursday, June 19, 2014

Raver Loses Finger and Parties On

A 16 year-old named Josh lost his pinky finger at a rave. Josh went to a rave in the London Borough of Croydon. Josh made the bad choice of trying to rip off a building fire alarm.

Well, at about 1AM we were up in the house room, but I don’t really like house so I was waiting for the drum 'n' bass to kick in. As soon as I heard it, me and my mate went down there. Five minutes in, the fire alarm starting going off and everyone was like, "Rip it off! Rip it off!" So I thought I’d give it a go. I was completely sober at the time. I jumped up, grabbed it and my little finger got caught in the case because it was all broken, and as I came to rip it back down, my little finger got ripped off completely.

A missing pinky doesn't stop Josh. Not when the bass is hard and the girls are hot.

Well, what can you do? There are fit girls around you, the bass is hard, the music is popping. I didn’t want to be the sore thumb sticking out – or the sore pinkie – so I was like, "Fuck it, let's skank on and enjoy it."

Josh didn't have time to go to the hospital. He did have time to post a picture of his injured hand on Instagram. You can't go to the hospital when you got to skank.

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