Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Day, Another Senseless Gun Shooting

Panama City - Justin Ayers and his wife was bringing his newborn son home from the hospital. Unfortunately, the young newborn child will never know his father. Ayers was shot by a stray bullet fired from his Charles Edward Shisler's house.

The bullet came from the house next door, where 62-year-old Charles Edward Shisler picked up a .9 mm pistol by the trigger, causing it to discharge. When sheriff’s deputies arrived, they found Shisler standing on his porch, although he initially was “belligerent” and uncooperative.

“The damn gun doesn’t usually shoot,” said Shisler, according to his arrest report. “You have to squeeze the hell out of the trigger to shoot it.”

This the mug shot of the liberty loving Shisler.

Police found that Shisler's blood alcohol level was .079. Shisler's behavior with law enforcement officers gives good reason to believe he was intoxicated.

Another side note: Shisler quote reveals an extremely stupid man. Shisler had no business ever owning a gun. You do not pick up a gun by the trigger. Obviously, if Shisler knew anything about guns he would have heard of the term hair trigger.

A trigger that allows the firing mechanism of a firearm to be operated by very slight pressure.

A child will never have a conversation or hug his father because of Charles Shisler.

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