Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Terry Bradshaw: National Security Expert

Fox News brought out their leading national security expect to discuss Benghazi. Yes, I'm talking about NFL Hall of Fame member Terry Bradshaw.

Bradshaw said this when asked if he trusts Hillary Clinton's version of the events after the Benghazi attack.

“Not really,” he grimaced. “Don’t particularly like her, never have. The best thing to do here because she’s selling a book — the only reason she’s on Fox is because she’s promoting books.”

“I always say this, if you tell the truth, you don’t have to worry about covering up some other story,” he continued. “The truth sets you free. Just tell the truth. And now you can hang it — you’ll never forget it, and it becomes your foundation.”

Political views aside, I have always liked Bradshaw. That doesn't mean Fox News should Bradshaw on to talk about Benghazi. Fox News could bring conservative political science professor Dan Drezner on the show. The problem is Drezner is too reasonable for Fox News. Fox News does not do reasonable.

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