Monday, June 23, 2014

Who Is Writing Not Getting Squeezed

This looks like a blog that has started in reaction to Florida Squeeze. Not Getting Squeezed has a very positive outlook towards the Florida Democratic Party.

we are a blog that supports democrats and stops the lies coming from other blogs that are claiming to be democrats we will support our party leadership on country state and national levels we will work hard to ensure the democratic message gets out we will be positive and praise the party never criticize like others we will expose bad democrats who are bloggers activists candidates and legislators soon we will launch.

This blog lays the bullshit on thick by describing Charlie Crist as a progressive. Really?

As a top Obama. We have Charlie Crist a real progressive. He was forced out of the republican party of florida for standing on principle. Our State House and State Senate campaigns are strong. We had a problem in the House. That was solved last year. We made a change. The change was putting the outstanding Mark Pafford as the leader.

This is a shot taken by the anonymous blogger against Florida Squeeze and Saint Petersblog.

If you look around the other blogs including the Florida Squeeze and the Saint Petersblog, you would think the democrats were losing everything. Obama won Florida in 12 and 08 and Sink would have won in 10 but national trends got in the way. Rick Scott is a tea partier. Now that people in Florida know that this he will be beat by Charlie Crist.

Peter Schorsch is a registered Republican. I think it is rather silly to expect Schorsch to show love to the Florida Democratic Party. Florida Squeeze has been critical of the state Democratic establishment. In the end it doesn't matter. No Florida political blogger has the same audience as Talking Points Memo or The Huffington Post.

This is a lot of inside baseball stuff. The political establishment doesn't love bloggers and bloggers don't love the political establishment. I have heard stories about activists making bogus Twitter accounts to troll other activists they disagree with. Don't these people have lives? It doesn't seem like a productive use of one's time.

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