Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A Good Reason To Not Shop At Hobby Lobby

I tend to think boycotts don't work. However, Hobby Lobby's Christian hypocrisy should be noted. The Global Slavery Index estimates there are 30 million slave laborers in the world. Many of these slave laborers live in China, India and Russia.

China has an estimated three million slaves working to create electronics and designer handbags. The report also alleges that forced labor was used to create headphones for several airlines.

Matt Chambers, a religious Christian and the Director/Co-Founder of an NGO called SafeWorld, questions the spiritual integrity of Hobby Lobby.

Chambers, a Christian who serves as Director/Co-Founder of an NGO called SafeWorld, argues that Hobby Lobby's choice to do business with China goes against Christian principles due to China's botched human rights record and sex-selective abortion practices.

"And, that doesn't even touch the fact that China's cheap labor conditions are such that no American would be willing to work them (some are even equated with slavery)...or the fact that China greatly restricts religious liberty (the very issue Hobby Lobby claims is under attack here),...or the fact that their numbers on infanticide, orphans, and child-abandonment are abysmal," Chambers writes.

"You see, when it comes carrying high the banner of 'Biblical principles', I believe a company who wanted that to be their public persona would be extra careful to NEVER do business with the very people who go against everything they claim to fight for as Christians," Chambers adds.

Christians are held in Chinese labor camps. The same camps that make products for Hobby Lobby.

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