Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Senselessness of Cyber-Bullying

12 year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick is dead. Sedwick jumped to her death at the Cemex cement site. The Lakeland Ledger reports Sedwick was on the receiving end of cyber-bullying.

During their investigation, detectives found multiple social media applications where Sedwick was constantly being cyber-bullied with messages, including “Go kill yourself,” and “Why are you still alive?”

As many as 15 girls are being investigated for possibly bullying Sedwick online. No matter what the Polk County Sheriff's Office investigation uncovers; Sedwick will still be dead. Apparently, this nightmare all started over a boy several of the girls liked.

“We can see from what we've investigated so far that Rebecca wasn’t attacking back," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told reporters Thursday. "She appeared to be beat down. She appeared to have a defeatist attitude. And quite frankly, the entire investigation is exceptionally disturbing to the entire investigative team.”

The harassment began in 2012 over a boy, Judd said. Girls who used to be Rebecca's friends turned against her; at one point, she got in a fight with one that resulted in her getting suspended.

Below are Florida services that deal with teens in crisis. Please look at these websites, if you are a teenager going through a difficult time in your life then please check out these websites.

Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

Youth Crisis Center

Florida Suicide and Crisis Hotline

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