Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When Is Rick Scott Going to Appoint A Lt. Governor?

Gov. Rick Scott's search for a Lt. Governor has become a joke. A month ago News4jax.com ran the headline "Rick Scott: 5 months without lieutenant governor." It has now been since months Scott has gone without selecting a replacement for Jennifer Carroll. A search of Google News has shown no recent updates on Scott's Lt. Governor search. The Florida Constitution legally requires a Lt. Governor.

SECTION 2. Lieutenant governor.—There shall be a lieutenant governor, who shall perform such duties pertaining to the office of governor as shall be assigned by the governor, except when otherwise provided by law, and such other duties as may be prescribed by law.

The Lt. Governor may have few duties. That doesn't give Scott an excuse to ignore filling the position. If Scott doesn't then he is violating the Florida Constitution.



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