Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rick Scott Throws Bondi Under the Bus

I noted that Gov. Rick Scott is usually tongue tied when dealing with tough questions from the media. Scott has had enough of taking hits for Attorney General Pam Bondi. Scott is throwing Bondi under the bus for the delay in the execution of Marshall Lee Gore.

Asked what information he had when he made the decision to postpone the execution and whether it was a proper decision, Scott replied, “My office had a request from the Attorney General’s Office to postpone the execution, and so they made a decision to postpone it, and anything else you’d have to ask the attorney general.”

As governor, Scott is the only state official with the power to move Gore's execution. Scott does bear responsibility but he has figured out that he has his own bad poll numbers to worry about. Scott isn't going to take the hit for Bondi.

Bondi asked that Gore's execution be delayed. Bondi's reason was so she could attend a campaign fundraiser in Tampa. Local and national media came to the realization that many others have. Bondi is unserious about her duties as a public servant.

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