Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bill Foster Pulls Out His Secret Weapon and It Is Gov. Rick Scott (WTF)

St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster and Democratic challenger Rick Kriseman debated. Mark Puente caught this bizarre exchange. Foster bragged about his BFF Gov. Rick Scott.
He then surprised many with his answer on the importance of higher education when he mentioned Gov. Rick Scott. He boasted about spending a long weekend in Tallahassee securing $5 million for a business school at USF St. Petersburg.

"It's something the governor was going to veto," Foster said. "It helps to have a friend in the governor's mansion."

To give you an idea of how unpopular Scott is in Florida; Vern Schillinger on the HBO prison series had a higher approval rating with the other prisoners than Scott has with Floridians. Scott is less popular than Schillinger was in this video below. NSFW.

Benjamin Kirby wondered why Foster would politically link himself to Scott.

This is the same Governor Rick Scott who is one of the least popular — and by a factor of a lot, most vulnerable — governors in the nation. In recent polling, Scott gets trounced by a man who hasn’t even declared his intentions yet.

Right now Bill Foster's campaign team must really be wishing Kathleen Ford finished second in the primary.

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