Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Tea Party Nation Madness

Daniel R. Quintiliani ran the headline "Barack Hussein Obama: The New Leader of Al Qaeda" in his Tea Party Nation post. Quintiliani doesn't back his dubious claim in his post. In fact, I do recall that President Obama order the attack on Osama bin Laden's compound. I'm willing to bet Al Qaeda wasn't too happy about that.

Not only does Quintiliani claim that President Obama has somehow taken the reigns of Al Qaeda; John McCain is the Anti-Christ. I'm laughing as I write this post.

John McCain, whose positions on war, executive power, and surveillance are 100% in agreement with a future Biblical Antichrist, is now promoting his blasphemous beliefs that Muslim terrorist threats are equivalent to a Christian thanking God.
I wasn't aware that Satan had a position on the Patriot Act. I got to brush up on the New Testament.

Quintiliani has Obama and McCain in a three way with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. That would actually be a gang bang, but let's cut Quintiliani some slack on his math.

Barack Hussein Obama, John McCain, and every other politician who supports war with Syria is guilty of the deaths of all people the Obama/Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood Three-Way Pact kill. And all of these deaths are equivalent to an additional American being killed on 9/11.

Quintiliani is calling McCain the Anti-Christ. The reason is McCain attacked Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade for making racially insensitive remarks against Muslims. Quintiliani refers to our President as "Barack Hussein Obama." I seriously doubt someone as xenophobic as Quintiliani is concerned about the welfare of the Syrian people.

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At December 27, 2013 6:49 PM , Anonymous danq said...

I wasn't calling John McCain the Antichrist, I was saying his positions match the views of a *future* Antichrist. John McCain is too old to be the Antichrist, and probably will be old or dead when our politicians finally sign America and its people away.

On the other hand, the TPP's arbitration system is rather disturbing, and could very well be the vehicle of the Antichrist.

My next column will be on how terrorists can destroy the First Amendment via the TPP. It'll be on my site soon and should be on Tea Party Nation shortly after. -Dan Q


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