Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Dubious Rubio's Grandstanding

Sen. Marco Rubio proves how unserious he is as a legislator by proposing the The Right To Refuse Amendment. Rubio is proposing a constitutional amendment to abolish Obamacare. From the press release.

If passed by Congress and ratified by the states, the “Right to Refuse” amendment would reassert constitutionally limited government and exempt the more than 6 million individuals and businesses expected to be hit with thousands of dollars in mandate taxes set to begin in 2014. It would also permanently prevent Congress from passing future legislation forcing Americans to choose between purchase of goods and services or tax penalties.

Does Rubio even realize that if the Right To Refuse Amendment became law drivers would not be required to buy auto insurance. Good luck trying to get a driver that hit to pay for your car repair or medical bills. Rubio has never thought about the implication of his constitutional amendment because he has no interest of ever getting it passed. Rubio would need 67 senators to vote for his amendment.

If any conservative thinks that he is going to spend five minutes in the office of a Democratic senator lobbying on behave of the Right to Refuse Amendment then they are kidding themselves. This is pure grandstanding.

If any conservative thinks that Rubio is going to spend the next ten years getting the Right to Refuse Amendment on state ballots, in order to get passage in three-fourths of the states, then they are delusional.

Conservatives brag about taking the constitution seriously. Rubio is anything but serious. I really wish politicians like Rubio really were required to lobby every senator and state for the next twenty years every time they proposed a constitutional amendment they will will never attempt to make into law. That would make politicians like Rubio think twice about wasting the American people's time.

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