Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Republican Party's Secret Weapon, Yes, It's Mitt Romney!

I can't blog this news about Mitt Romney without laughing. Please let this be through.

"As a first step, the former Republican presidential nominee plans to welcome 200 friends and supporters to a three-day summit next week that he will host at a Utah mountain resort. He is considering writing a book and a series of opinion pieces, and has plans to campaign for 2014 candidates. But he is wary of overdoing it."

I hope Romney does overdue it and campaigns with as many Republicans candidates as they can. The question is what Republican candidates will want to campaign with Mitt.

Update: Martha Jackovics makes good points about the down side of Romney hitting the campaign trail to stump for fellow Republicans.

If Romney indeed plans to "shape national priorities" I say what better way to call even more attention to income inequality, corporate welfare, the "dreaded" 47% crowd, and the need for tax reform.

Which is exactly why I want Mitt out in full force in 2014.



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