Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blowback From Nan Rich Not Speaking At Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Miami Herald political reporter Marc Caputo is marveling how how big of a mess the Florida Democratic Party has made out of not allowing Nan Rich to speak at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

Way to go, Florida Democratic Party, you've allowed the Republican Party of Florida to mock you for appearing to mistreat one of your own, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich.
Marc, don't you know by know the Florida Democratic Party always manages to snatch defeat out of victory. The FDP is the Washington Generals of state political parties. We now see that RPOF chairman Lenny Curry sent out an email panning the FDP for allowing Rich to speak.

Because Senator Rich is an experienced spokesperson for Democratic ideology in Florida, it must be disappointing to see your Chairwoman, Allison Tant, put the interests of big-dollar donors ahead of a mere five minutes for Florida's leading champion of liberal causes.

It might be the fact that she is just out of touch with Democrat activists like many of you, and takes her orders from Washington. But it also may be that Tant is working with Charlie Crist to set up a possible gubernatorial candidacy announcement at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner. Who knows.

As I wrote before, this has less to do with the FDP and more to do with the DNC clearing the way for a Charlie Crist or Bill Nelson campaign. Many progressive activists are bothered by Rich not being given 5 minutes to speak. It wouldn't have killed the powers that be to at least pretend the nomination was still in play and give Rich a speaking slot. Realistically, she wouldn't have a chance against Nelson or Crist. It is not like speaking at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner would be a game changer.

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