Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why Rick Scott Is a Bad Politician

Patricia Mazzei of the Miami Herald pressed Gov. Rick Scott on if he would return the $110,000 campaign contribution from Heritage Property and Casualty Insurance Company. Heritage is set to make $52 million to take 60,000 policies from Citizens Property Insurance. People have asked why the state would let a 9 month old company take over so many policies. Considering Scott's past conflicts of interest it makes skeptics wonder if the campaign donation factored into the decision.

Scott was asked during Miami-Dade County's hurricane preparedness news conference Scott was asked if he would give the $110,000 contribution back to Heritage. Scott again proved himself to be an inept politician by not giving a yea or nay answer. I don't know how many times I have seen Scott stumble when he is being grilled. What is funny is that Scott's spokeswoman Melissa Sellers had no problem giving a direct answer.

"No," Sellers wrote. "And as we said last week, any assertion that our office influenced the Heritage risk transfer decision by the Citizens Board is outrageous."

It would be a lot easier to believe if Scott could answer the question himself. Scott's atrocious skills on the stump is why he is so unpopular and beatable.

Kudos to Patricia Mazzei for trying to get a straight answer out of Scott.

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