Friday, May 31, 2013

David Caton is Having a Gay Day

Florida Family Association founder is once again bashing gay people. Caton paid for a plane to fly three banners in protest of Disney's "Gay Day" in Orlando.

A plane with the banner "Warning: Gay Day at Disney 6/1" is flying around Central Florida.

Caton's boycotts usually never work. Caton attempted to Circle K to stop selling porno magazines. Caton did get Lowe's to stop advertising on the television show All-American Muslim. The truth is that Caton's influence is often overstated by the media. Caton is the the only employee at the Florida Family Association. Caton has no church or congregation. My question is who put up the money for the flyers?

Side note: I doubt that Caton is smart enough to realize his flyers are giving Disney free advertising.

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