Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Rick Scott's Job Czar was Jobless

Gov. Rick Scott's job czar Hunting Deutsch resigned after The Florida Current reported Deutsch collected $275-a-week in unemployment benefits for 20 months. Oops.

In resigning, effective Dec. 14, Deutsch told Scott the “current media focus on my personal matters (was) a distraction to the agency and your administration and believe it best for me to leave.” Deutsch earned $140,000-a-year in the job.

Deutsch was entitled to unemployment benefits. I have no problem with Deutdch collecting unemployment. The problem is the hypocrisy of Gov. Scott.

Under Scott, people had to had to submit to an unnecessary drug test to receive unemployment compensation. The courts later found drug testing people applying for unemployment compensation unconstitutional. Scott cut the number of weeks the unemployed could receive benefits from 26 weeks to 23 weeks. Mark Wilson of the Florida Chamber of Commerce pushed for this law. This ads up to a $830 million tax break for Florida bussinesses. Everything Scott does as Governor as as crony capitalist nature.

Scott isn't against one of his appointees collecting unemployment compensation. If you collect unemployment benefits then you are someone not furthering Scott's interests.

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